IMG_1572 (Small)Fire crackling, people laughing,  songs sang, this is what you could hear at our class camp out. Recently my class had a class camp out as I said before it was so much fun. We roasted marshmallows and hot dogs, and played games and preformed camp fire skits. The campsite  was 5 minutes away from the beach, so we went down to the beach often and caught fish and crabs with butter fly net’s, and buried each other in the warm sand, but my favorite part has to be playing  sardines with my class. If you have never played before it’s easy it’s the opposite of hide and seek, you find the the person who is “it” and if you find him or her you wait until no one is looking then hide with them the objective of the game is have the least number of people hide with the person who is “it”. It was so much fun especially because it was my first time playing. My favorite part was all of a sudden disappearing from my friends. Have you ever played sardines and if so what is your favorite part?




Splish! splash! Water flying over the hull, wind blowing in the sails, trying to stay on board, these are just some of the factors of sailing.

Our class had sailing lessons in the middle of the school year. It was so much fun, we learned the basics of sailing, and got our catamaran card or cat card for short. It explained all the knowledge we learned there. We learned how to set up the sails, how to fly a hull, how to read the weather, how to jibe, how to tack and a lot more.

It is a great program they cover cat sailing, paddle boarding, wind surfing, water safety, and more. I would recommend this program for beginner, intermediate, and advanced sailors, the camp is called  the compass adventure endless summer camp. the camp is in Comox B.C. I loved the camp and I think you would too!

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Search And Rescue



Imagine jumping out of a plane and trying to land in a area that is about the size of a bottle cap. Well this is what search and rescue or S.A.R for short have to endure. Today we had three parachuters land in our school field, it looked like so much fun, I would definitely jump out of a plane, it sounds extremely exciting. The search and rescue save people that are trapped or lost in the forest, mountains or ocean. I would love to serve for the search and rescue my reason is, because I would love the feel that you just saved a person that trapped and in some cases dieing.  do you think you would join the S.A.R techs? And would you enjoy jumping out of an airplane or would you be scared?

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Picture Perfect

Recently I discovered that a photo that I sent to the weather network last year, was actually published on the show, but I am still not sure when. It is a picture of an old ammunition bunker. We are guessing it was used in world war II. The picture was taken on View Royal Road in Victoria.  I took this picture when I was nine years old and I have been taking pictures ever since. My picture has received over five hundred views since last year, and it is still up  for more people to see.

Ammunition Bunker

Amunition Bunker

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Delicious and Nutritious


Fresh, hand washed iceberg lettuce, ruby red tomatoes, mouth watering prosciutto, perfectly ripened onions, thinly sliced fried potatoes and crumbled blue cheese (optional). These are the ingredients to one of the world’s best salads.  Paris, France ; that is where I first experienced this amazing salad.  A small popular bistro called Le Relais Gascon, Montmartre, Paris  is home to the “big salad” .

The funniest thing is when I started to write this post, I Googled the restaurant’s name and found that we were not the only one’s that loved this salad, there were tons of  hits and even a picture of the very salad I tried!

When we came home from our trip to Europe, and we attempted to reproduce it.  We sliced potatoes as thin as possible and fried them in oil.  We then washed and sliced the vegetables into the salad.  At the deli we bought the prosciutto ham and blue cheese and mixed it in.  It was delicious.

I love cooking and have learned some things from cooking that have helped me in other areas of my life.  One day at school I realized that I knew how to add fractions because we often double recipes and I knew how to add 1/3 and 1/3 cup without even thinking about it.

I love trying new food and love to travel places that have different types of cuisine. Later in life I won’t feel intimidated about cooking my own food.  I  look forward to living on my own and cooking my own meals.

Image credit: Le Relais Gascon

My Dog Lucy



My dog Lucy is the best dog you will ever meet, she is at times active and  at times sleepy, but she will always be funny. She has floppy ears, a fat belly, brown eyes, and  waging tail. She is scared of almost everything. I would make a list but it would be too long. I am not saying I do not love my dog it is quite the opposite. I love my dog she is incredible. She comforts me when I am sad, and she makes me laugh when I am happy. We adopted her from my dads work friend. Lucy was only a few months old when we got her, and she weighed seven pounds.  She is now about thirty pounds. Lucy is eleven years old, that would be 77 in dog years. Lucy is my pup she is a pure bread beagle, her fur consists of the coulors brown, black, and white. I love her, and she loves me.

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Drop! Cover! Hold On!

Drop. Cover. Hold on

Drop. Cover. Hold on

Boom! Crash! Snap! Duck cover get underneath a table! There is an earthquake, but there  are some things you might not know about the hazards.

For instance,  you might have been taught  to stand in a door frame or the triangle of life but they have been proven to be hazards.  The construction of the door frames in other countries are much different than the door frames in North America. In Africa years ago the houses were made out of mud and straw and one day when there was a earthquake their houses were demolished except for the door frame. So when the Africans passed this knowledge on more and more people would take cover in door frames when there was an earthquake. Until recently, this was believed to be true.   They have since proven this wrong,  door frames are not made the same way as they are in Africa.  Door frames here will collapse under the the force of an earthquake.

Another unsafe place is called the “triangle of life”. It was believed that when  you stand beside two posts in an earthquake  the posts will fall and meet in the middle and act like a roof over your head. The only problem was that one beam would fall and the other did not and it could crush you.

So the best you can do is go hide  under a table or desk and if there are no desks or tables, get as small as you can and get right up close to a wall.  Always  remember to count to sixty or until the  rumbling  stops do it again and again if you have to. My plan for when I am at home is to get under any of  my tables or under the computer desk, and when I am school to hide under my desk and count to sixty, or in the computer lab get under the desk, and if I am in the gym I will get as small as I can and get up close to a wall.

If there is something I missed I would be delighted to hear. Image credit: Drop! Cover! Hold On!

7 Random Things About Me!

Hello, my name is Andrew. I have lots of interesting things about myself. These are just of them.

  1. I like to skateboard in the summer.
  2. I was born in B.C. on Vancouver Island.
  3. I like the colours light blue and purple.
  4. I like to play basketball. It is my favorite sport.
  5. I can speak French fluently.
  6. I like to mountain bike and go off jumps.
  7. I have a dog, two gerbils and a guinea pig.

I have thousands of other interesting things about me but I do not have the time to write them all down. What are some of your favorite things to do?